Family law concerns often create unsettling and challenging questions about matters that significantly affect your security and future and that of your family. With decades of professional and legal experience, Henry Bergmans provides the personal support and sound legal guidance you need to resolve all the issues you face. In establishing Bergmans Law P.C. as a firm devoted exclusively to family law matters, Henry affirmed his earnest dedication to helping individuals and families navigate through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

Exceptional Service and Personalized Attention

Henry provides exceptional service and personalized attention to every client. Using a compassionate and calming approach, he starts by getting to know you and thoroughly understanding everything about your circumstances and goals. As you and Henry build a strong working relationship based on mutual respect and trust, he explains the laws and legal process that apply to your situation. Then he discusses and explores the options you have for proceeding to resolution of the issues.

The primary goal of Henry’s approach is to ensure that you make the best possible, fully informed decisions for yourself and your family. Working together, you and Henry create a strategy and roadmap to establish a solid, healthy foundation for your future. Henry remains by your side throughout the process, providing steadfast support and dependable advice every step of the way.

Unparalleled Experience and Skills

Just a month before he graduated from law school in 2010, Henry Bergmans completed 30 years of service at International Business Machines Corporation. His work culminated in having responsibility worldwide for the company’s client service program and dispute resolution process. On a daily basis, Henry utilized high-level crisis management and negotiation skills in working directly with individuals to resolve significant issues.

Henry’s experience and skills as a highly successful business executive carry over to his law practice in his dedication to personalized client attention and in his ability to take on and resolve even highly complex conflicts. One of his greatest strengths is finding practical solutions to problems that initially seem unsolvable.

Negotiating is a central component of almost every family issue. Henry’s decades of business and family law experience and his extraordinary negotiation skills make him highly effective as a legal adviser and advocate with opposing counsel and to the court.

When negotiations do not successfully resolve a family issue, the court becomes the decision maker. Henry has extensive involvement in litigation of family matters. The breadth of his legal experience enables him to represent you through all stages of the legal process, from developing a strategy to negotiating agreements that achieve your goals and presenting your case to a judge when court intervention is necessary.

Superior Counsel and Individualized Support

To resolve a family law matter successfully, you need a lawyer who has more than just the knowledge and skills to provide legal counsel. Your lawyer should understand the emotional complexity of family issues and provide the one-on-one individualized support you need. With Henry Bergmans, you get the best of both worlds. Henry helps you move forward with dignity toward resolution of any family issue with the benefit of trustworthy counsel and the reliable personal support you need and deserve.

Additional Information

To learn more about Henry Bergmans or the firm’s family law services, please visit those individual pages. You may also schedule a free initial consultation with Henry to discuss your family law concerns by reaching out through the online contact form or calling at (810) 360-0900.

From his office in Howell, Michigan, Henry assists clients throughout Livingston County, Genesee County, Ingham County, and Washtenaw County, and in the surrounding areas.