Regardless of the family law issue you may be facing, Michigan family law attorney Henry Bergmans is here to help. Henry applies his decades of experience, knowledge, and skills to resolve your concerns and legal issues efficiently and effectively, while making certain that you understand the options for proceeding and ensuring that your goals are met and your interests are protected.

Please visit the individual pages below to learn more about specific family law services. You may schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Henry Bergmans by calling (810) 360-0900. Based in Howell, Bergmans Law serves clients in Livingston County, Genesee County, Ingham County, and Washtenaw County, and in the surrounding areas.


Michigan family law attorney Henry Bergmans counsels and represents clients in divorce proceedings in Livingston County and Genesee County and surrounding areas. By applying the knowledge and skills developed in his years of experience with all aspec… Read More

Division of Property

A Michigan divorce includes division of property acquired during the marriage. Family law attorney Henry Bergmans provides the dedicated legal representation you need to make informed decisions regarding property division. Henry is an exceptionally s… Read More

Spousal Support / Alimony

In a Michigan divorce proceeding, the court has the authority and discretion to decide if you can receive or must pay spousal support, also referred to as alimony. Family law attorney Henry Bergmans draws on his many years of experience to help clien… Read More

Child Support

Every parent should provide their child with the emotional and financial support the child needs to thrive. In furtherance of that principle, Michigan law imposes a legal obligation on a parent to financially support a biological child. Family law at… Read More

Child Custody

Custody of children and other parental rights matters present legal issues that are emotionally stressful and sometimes difficult to resolve. Michigan family law attorney Henry Bergmans applies his years of experience to provide personal support and… Read More

Child Relocation

If the parent of a child subject to a shared custody order wishes to move, specific Michigan laws govern the parent’s ability to relocate. Michigan family law Henry Bergmans understands the intricacies of child relocation law. He can explain your r… Read More


For unmarried parents in Michigan, establishing the paternity of a child may present legal issues that need to be addressed. If you need assistance with a paternity matter, Michigan family law attorney Henry Bergmans can explain Michigan law and guid… Read More

Premarital Agreements

A premarital agreement enables prospective spouses to establish financial expectations between the spouses in the event of divorce or death after marriage. This type of agreement may be considered by high net worth individuals, before a second marria… Read More

Collaborative Practice

The end of a marriage does not mean a couple has to battle out their divorce in a courtroom with a long, painful, and costly adversarial process. In some cases, a collaborative approach can make divorce less expensive and contentious. The collaborati… Read More