Michigan family law attorney Henry Bergmans counsels and represents clients in divorce proceedings in Livingston County and Genesee County and surrounding areas. By applying the knowledge and skills developed in his years of experience with all aspects of divorce, Henry provides each client with compassionate and highly effective guidance through every step of the legal process.

Approach and Experience

Henry Bergmans understands that going through a divorce is a difficult and emotionally stressful time. The legal issues touch the very central concerns of your life. Henry’s compassionate approach to the divorce process calms your fears and provides the one-on-one support you need throughout the divorce process. He applies his extraordinary legal skills, finely honed through years of family law practice, in providing the counsel and representation that are essential to successfully navigating the legal process.

Henry’s dedication to providing client-focused services dates back to long before he started practicing law in 2010. Shortly before he graduated from law school, he wrapped up 30 years of service as a business executive at International Business Machines Corporation. In his position as IBM’s Director of Global Sales Operations, providing exceptional client service in resolving high-level conflicts was a polestar of his work. When he transitioned to his encore career of practicing law, he naturally recognized the importance of maintaining a client-focused approach to providing family law legal services.

When you turn to Henry for help with a divorce, he begins by getting to know you and fully understand your unique circumstances, as well as your needs and goals. Then he works closely with you in developing a personalized strategy and roadmap for navigating through the divorce process. After the strategy is in place, Henry stays by your side and guides you through the process step-by-step, making certain that you fully understand the law and your rights at every stage, so you can make fully informed decisions for yourself and your family for both the short term and the longer term.

Through Henry’s hands-on client approach, you and he develop a strong working relationship that is built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. He always communicates in an honest and thoughtful manner, while being attentive to your concerns and questions and providing trustworthy and practical advice. When he represents you in court or to opposing counsel, he is a highly effective advocate who always keeps your interests and goals at the fore.

Navigating a Michigan Divorce

Ending a marriage through a Michigan divorce proceeding requires resolution of all issues between the married couple, including property division, child custody and parental rights, child support, and spousal support/alimony. Because of the wide expanse of legal rights affected by a divorce decree, you should not decide how to proceed in a divorce case without consulting with an experienced Michigan divorce attorney.

In many divorce cases, settlement negotiations between the attorneys for the spouses can resolve the outstanding legal issues between the spouses. If the parties agree on the divorce terms, the lawyers prepare an agreement for the parties to sign, which is then submitted to the court for review and approval.

If divorcing spouses cannot reach agreement on the issues, the court holds a trial and makes decisions that are legally binding on both parties. A negotiated settlement is always a better way to resolve issues than spending time and money on a court trial that yields an uncertain result.

Settlement negotiations typically start as discussions between the lawyers representing the spouses. In some cases, a more formal collaborative process, in which the parties resolve issues by working with attorneys and other professionals (such as financial advisors, appraisers, and child therapists) may be more appropriate.

Getting the Help You Need

Henry Bergmans has many years of experience negotiating settlement agreements as part of the divorce process. He also developed high-level negotiation skills during his work at IBM that apply directly to resolving conflicts in a divorce.

As a result of his broad professional and legal experience and superior negotiation skills, Henry excels at helping clients reach agreement with minimal court intervention, regardless of the circumstances. He assists clients with uncontested divorces, as well as divorces that involve complicated assets and situations, such as high-asset divorce cases and business owner divorces.

When spouses cannot reach agreement on all issues, Henry is a highly-effective divorce litigator who does not hesitate to go to court to protect his client’s rights. He has extensive experience in all stages of divorce proceedings, including trials involving complex issues affecting property division, child custody, and parental rights.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Henry Bergmans

If you are considering divorce or received a divorce complaint filed by your spouse, Henry Bergmans has the experience and skills to provide the counsel and representation you need. Your initial consultation is always free of charge.

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