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Will a divorce affect my retirement plan?

Saving for a retirement is a lifetime goal that takes both time and effort. To ensure that you have sufficient assets to support yourself in your golden years, you and your spouse likely worked together to build up savings and investment accounts. If the two of you had children together, you may have chosen to split the labor, with one of you tending the home fires and the other earning income for the family's security.

Collaborative law could offer you a better way to divorce

Divorce is complex and difficult, no matter how amicable the two parties may be. If you are facing the end of your marriage, you may be wondering if there is a way to simplify the complications of this process and make this difficult step easier for every member of your Michigan family. Collaborative law could offer you a better way to divorce. 

What is a gray divorce?

Divorce seems like a pretty black and white affair. You're married, you decide you don't want to be anymore, you dissolve the marriage and it's over. So what is a gray divorce?

How is child custody decided?

Child custody is one of the most important parts of the divorce process for parents. You probably want to keep as much time with your child as you can. In some cases, parents negotiate and come to an agreement about custody arrangements. For other couples, reaching an agreement with each other seems impossible and it is up to court to decide.


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