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Protect Your Lifestyle In Divorce

When divorce becomes more and more likely, couples will need to think about what this will mean for their financial future. Lifestyles, residences and incomes can all change while one family ultimately becomes two. Regardless of income levels or the number of assets a couple has, working with an experienced attorney throughout the process can help. But when significant assets or a business is involved, getting experienced counsel is all the more important.

At Bergmans Law P.C., we provide the roadmap to better outcomes for our clients. Our experience and professional approach to sensitive family law cases set us apart from other firms. We feel that divorce is about problem-solving and finding practical solutions to the complex questions facing our clients. We take a client-focused approach to each case and use our negotiating experience to our clients’ advantage.

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Family Businesses Pose Unique Challenges In Divorce

Over the course of a marriage, couples often acquire significant assets. While divorce itself may be common, those that involve high net worth are unique. Couples may have very specific concerns related to items that they wish to protect throughout the divorce. We have helped with a number of high-asset divorces that involve issues related to the division of:

  • Business assets
  • Real estate investments
  • Pension and retirement accounts
  • Stock holdings
  • Complex business valuations
  • Business ownership and partnerships

All of these assets can be at risk without proper guidance. Complex marital estates can be difficult to value due to the number and complexity of the assets. What may seem a minor asset can hold significant value to one spouse.

Whether you and your spouse have grown a business together in Livingston County or are approaching retirement, you need an experienced attorney to help you at this important time. We understand the complexities involved in high-asset divorces, and we are committed to helping you remain focused on the important issues that will be discussed throughout your divorce.

Use Our Experience To Your Advantage

When real estate or business assets are at stake in a divorce, it’s important to discuss the situation with an experienced legal professional. We offer a free initial consultation at our Howell, Michigan, office. Contact us online or call 810-222-5703 to speak with our lawyer.

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