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When child custody becomes an issue in divorce, many couples struggle with the right approach to take to find a solution. They focus on what they want most, losing sight of what is most important or best for the children, which is to make sure that both parents continue to play an active role.

It can be extremely difficult to back down when you are trying to keep physical or legal custody of your child. At Bergmans Law P.C., we help Livingston County families work together to keep the best interests of the children at the center of each and every custody dispute. Our founding attorney, Henry Bergmans, has extensive experience finding solutions to difficult and emotionally charged problems, and he will help you focus on the issues of your case.

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How To Regain Control Over Your Custody Case

Your spouse may have caused you great pain by filing for divorce. They may have done things that you consider to be unforgivable. But you need to realize that holding on to these things and trying to use them against the other side to limit the time that they have with the kids will serve no purpose. It will only make things much more difficult for you to deal with in the future.

We want you to know that the best approach for you to take at this time is to let go of your anger. Let go of the feelings of hopelessness. Focus instead on the future, and what you personally can do to ensure that your children have healthy, happy lives and remain unaffected by the divorce. Focus on finding the right custody and visitation agreements that work for you, which might be some form of joint custody.

We know that this is hard to do. Many lawyers have their clients ready to fight the moment they walk in the door. But, litigation leaves you with many uncertainties. Courts in Michigan have several specific factors that they must use to determine child custody, and their analysis and decision will be completely out of your control. You should not leave a decision so important in the hands of someone who barely knows your situation.

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