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You and your spouse may be just getting started in life. You may both have careers and have decided to wait before having children. If your marriage starts to experience difficulties, you need to be sure that you are protected as you go through the divorce process. The substantial assets that you both may have will be an important aspect of discussion, and you need to be sure that you are fully aware of all of the options that are present in your case.

Attorney Henry J. Bergmans understands your situation. Henry was an executive with a Fortune 500 company when he went through a difficult divorce. He went to law school to make sure that no one would go through what he went through. He started a law firm to help people exactly like you, and he is going to make sure that you have practical advice at every step of the process.

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Keeping Focused On The Issues

You may not even realize some of the issues that could be points of contention throughout your divorce. In divorce for professionals who do not have children, the bulk of the conversations you have will be focused on the specific assets that were acquired during the marriage. These include such items as:

  • Retirement accounts, 401(k)s, pensions and other investments earmarked for retirement
  • Houses and other vacation properties that you and your spouse may own
  • Stock options provided to you by your employer

Under Michigan law, marital property must be divided equitably. This means that the court will issue a ruling that it considers to be fair if it is asked to make a decision, which includes the division of property and any spousal support that it deems necessary. This does not mean that the order that they hand down is something that either side will appreciate.

As your lawyer, Henry will work with you to regain control over your divorce. He will help you consider a host of different proposals that could lead to an agreement outside of the courtroom. This is your opportunity to make an agreement that works for you.

You may be tempted to argue with your spouse over certain items just to make a point. Know that this could restrict your chance to find common ground. The sooner you focus on finding solutions, the sooner you can move on with your life.

Helping Make Divorce Easier

Divorce does not have to be difficult. You just have to work with the right attorney for you. To schedule your free consultation, please call our Howell office at 810-222-5703 or send us an email using our contact form. We work with couples throughout Livingston County on finding solutions that protect their future.

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