Most often, people who file for divorce have been considering taking this step for years. They may even make the decision and gather the paperwork, but something pulls them back, and they stay in the marriage a little longer. You may be among those who have wanted to divorce and are now ready to start the process.

The end of the year is a catalyst for many who are in your position. It is true that divorce attorneys often see a rise in clients seeking help with their divorces when January rolls around. It is not difficult to understand why many want to begin the process at the first of the year.

Why January?

Are you someone who makes New Year resolutions? Do you clean out your desk, purge your closets or eliminate bad habits every January? The idea of using the beginning of a new year for a fresh start is not original, and struggling couples often see that new beginning as an ideal time to end a troubled marriage and start a new life.

January is also the end of the peak holiday celebrations of the year. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, you probably had family gatherings planned and traditions to follow. Perhaps you wanted one last chance to enjoy those moments as a family before filing for divorce. This is a common thought of spouses in your situation. Additionally, when the stress of the holiday does not live up to the visions of sugarplums, it may be easier for some to decide this will be the last one they celebrate together.

Understanding what lies ahead

Of course, many states, like Michigan, have waiting periods. Even if you file in January, your divorce may not be final until sometime in the summer. You will want to be certain that you use that time wisely by gathering the information you will need about your finances and other issues and learning what you need to know about Michigan’s divorce laws.

Just because you are waiting until January to file for divorce does not mean you must wait until then to consult with an attorney about your options and your rights. In fact, you may learn important information that will help you make the divorce process as stress-free as possible, such as how to divorce collaboratively. Perhaps, after the holidays, a little less stress would be a welcome change.