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Why you should protect technology in your child custody agreement

Divorce is a legal process through which a couple can end their marriage, but it is also very much an emotional journey as well. This is especially true for children whose parents are splitting up. Tweens and teens want to know that both of their parents will still be there for them, but amidst the confusion of significant life changes, it can sometimes be difficult to demonstrate this. Still, divorcing parents can protect their parent-child relationships by including technology in child custody agreements.

Who gets the kids on the Fourth of July?

Most schools in Michigan and throughout the country are currently on summer break. Perhaps your children have a busy summer planned with sports camps, scouting expeditions or a beach trip. Then again, you might be one of many parents who look forward to down time in the summer, sitting on the porch or around a campfire, having movie nights at home, and simply enjoying quiet and relaxation. The latter might be next to impossible if you and your ex are battling over holidays such as Independence Day, birthdays or other occasions.


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