Whether you and your spouse have been married less than five years or more than 25 years, you no doubt have built many memories together. You’ve also likely overcome numerous challenges in your relationship, as any time two or more people reside in the same house, personalities may clash at some point. In fact, one of the things that most attracted you to your spouse may have been that you have opposing personalities.

As time passes, life changes and so does marriage. Some relationships are able withstand even most the strenuous situations. Others seem to crumble even under minor stress. You might relate to one or the other or find your own marriage somewhere in between. If you are currently considering divorce as the most viable option to resolving your problems, it may be because of certain issues that are often deal breakers when it comes to marital harmony.

Many marriages break under pressure caused by these issues

If you’re one of many Michigan spouses who are struggling with certain issues in your marriage, you may relate to the topics mentioned in the following list, which others have cited as causal factors in their divorces:

  • Financial disagreements: Most spouses argue over money at one time or another. However, if you and your spouse can’t seem to have a conversation without arguing about finances, it may be a sign of trouble.
  • Intimacy: Every marital relationship is unique, and your love life may not be exactly like another couple’s. Many spouses who file for divorce have in common that they were unable to resolve problems associated with marital intimacy.
  • Infidelity: When part of intimacy problems involves a spouse discovering that his or her partner has been unfaithful, it greatly increases the risk of divorce. 
  • Child-related issues: If your children are still young and you disagree about discipline, education, religion or other important topics, it can put a heavy strain on your marriage. If your kids are older and you were willing to overlook your differences with your spouse for your kids’ sake, resentment over past parenting disagreements may gain the upper hand now that they are on their own, and many older couples who divorce cite this as a causal factor.

Once you make the decision

No matter how long you’ve been married, getting divorced is likely to be emotionally difficult. It can be quite helpful to talk to close friends or family members who have already navigated the process. They may be able to recommend certain things to help you adapt to your new lifestyle or advise you to avoid certain situations, as well.

Many Michigan spouses also find talking to a counselor or attending a community support group a great asset. In addition, it can be valuable to connect with an experienced family law attorney who can provide guidance and assistance regarding all legal issues.