Protecting Your Right To Spend Time With Your Children

The state of Michigan recognizes the importance of fostering and maintaining a healthy relationship between a child and his or her parent. There is a presumption that it is in a child's best interests to have a strong relationship with both parents. This is why the state recognizes that parenting time, or visitation, should be granted to a parent based on what is considered to be in the best interests of the child.

A strong relationship with each parent is essential in a child's life, even if their parents are no longer together. At Bergmans Law P.C., we understand the importance of maintaining a parent-child bond, especially after a divorce. Our team will advocate for you to help you reach a parenting time arrangement that keeps you actively involved in your child's life.

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Parenting Time Assistance In Livingston County

In Michigan, parents can attempt to decide on their own which days, times, holidays and vacation periods a child will spend with the noncustodial parent. If parents are able to come to their own terms regarding parenting time, a court will generally order those terms unless they are clearly not in the child's best interests. However, if parents cannot come to their own parenting time arrangement, a court will often step in and resolve the issue for them.

Courts may consider the following factors when determining the frequency, duration and type of parenting time granted to a parent:

  • A child's special needs or circumstances
  • Likelihood of abuse or neglect during parenting time
  • Travel inconvenience to the child
  • Frequent failure to exercise parenting time
  • Any intent to detain or hide the child from the other parent or person with legal custody

How much child support a parent pays also depends on the number of overnight stays a child has with a parent. This can lead to problems if a parent tries to arrange an impractical parenting time schedule in an effort to reduce their support obligations.

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