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Focused Solely On Family Law For Over 30 Years

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Our goal is to change the landscape of Family Law in Michigan to achieve better results for our clients.

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We will serve as your guides throughout the divorce process.

Child Custody
We will help you and your co-parent find a custody agreement that works.
Division Of Marital Property
We help you find common ground in complex property division matters.
Child Support
We help parents determine the amount of child support in their case.

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Making Positive Outcomes Possible

At Bergmans Law P.C., we chose to focus on the area of family law and have learned to deal with the wide range of issues experienced by our clients. We recognize that we must always work toward the benefit of the family and not add to its destruction. We commit ourselves to respecting every individual, to provide compassionate service and pursue all tasks with the idea they can be accomplished in a way that reduces the conflict that you may experience.

Our firm is led by attorney Henry J. Bergmans. He believes that how we behave as legal professionals on behalf of our clients helps “set the tone” for those who rely on us to guide them through difficult times. We can help build a roadmap to better outcomes for you and your family.

Focused On Helping You Find Practical Solutions To Your Legal Problems

When dealing with family-related disputes, it is often difficult to remain calm or think rationally. It is during these emotional times that you look for someone who can help you find options and outcomes that give you more control, fairer agreements, flexibility and a less stressful process.

No matter how contentious your dispute may be, it is important to remember that there are always options available for achieving your goals without having to resort to undignified and insensitive legal tactics ─ and we can help you explore these options.

As a conscientious family law firm, we acknowledge the duty to help our clients through this process and to minimize the acrimony in order to calm the emotional behavior of all involved. We take this task seriously and balance it with our ethical obligations of advocating and working for the best results for the families we represent in Livingston County.

Your Roadmap To Better Outcomes In Your Family Law Case

Nothing is more important to us than your family’s future. Contact an experienced lawyer by calling our Howell office at 810-222-5703 or by sending us an email to schedule a free consultation with a family law and divorce attorney. We make better outcomes possible with practical wisdom and trusted legal advice.

Practical Wisdom Trusted Advice | Your roadmap to better outcomes | We are dedicated to promoting professionalism and excellence in the practice of Family Law.